About us

Hjelp Havets Haier was initiated by Norwegian marine biologist Fredrik Myhre in 2010. WildAid and World Wildlife Fund Norway are our main supporters.

Hjelp Havets Haier is working towards:
  • Establish a national law securing illegal shark fins from entering the Norwegian market
  • Establish an international ban for shark finning
  • Protecting vulnerable shark species from overfishing by law
  •  A sustainable marine ecosystem



Fredrik Myhre                       Executive Director myhre@hjelphavetshaier.org

Fredrik Myhre founded Hjelp Havets Haier (Save the Ocean's Sharks) in 2010. He is a marine biologist with a Master of Science in fish biology from the University of Bergen. Ever since his early childhood days Fredrik has been passionate about sharks. He now brings this passion into his work in Hjelp Havets Haier (HHH). Fredrik's main objective is a sustainable management of the global marine ecosystems.



Gisle K. Sverdrup
Deputy Executive Director
Gisle K. Sverdrup is a science communicator, a diving instructor and underwater photographer. He has a master's degree in marine biology from the University of Bergen, where fish behavior is his specialty. By his work as an underwater photographer, Gisle has been up close and personal with several sharks including dogfish, tiger sharks and great white sharks. He is working towards increasing the public's understanding of sharks and their important position in the ecosystem.



Lill Haugen                             Senior Adviser     haugen@hjelphavetshaier.org
Lill Haugen is a communications consultant, a freelance journalist, diving instructor and underwater photo-grapher based in Oslo. She has a Masters degree in Communication from QUT in Brisbane, Australia. Two times Norwegian Champion, (2010 & 2011), a silvermedalist from the Nordic Championships and a silver medal in the World Championship of Underwater Photograhy in Turkey 2011 is some of her achievements. Lill dives regularly all over the world and tries to change the public's traditional perceptions of sharks. She is accustomed to close encounters with sharks underwater from Australia and Fiji, where she was living in 2009. During this period she was involved in bullshark- and gray reef shark research.
Klas Malmberg                    Senior Adviser          malmberg@hjelphavetshaier.org

Klas is a marine biologist, a freelance journalist, a professional diver and an underwater photographer based in Göteborg in Sweden. He has a Master's degree in Systematic Zoology and he is also an educated teacher. As an underwater photographer Klas is a two times winner of the Nordic Championships and has participated in the world championships several times. For ten years Klas has been working daily with sharks in an aquarium and he is frequently teaching divers how to interact with these interesting animals. Klas has also participated in different kinds of media to dispel myths and misconceptions about sharks and their behavior.

Chris Fallows                External Adviser info@apexpredators.com
Chris is a qualified commercial skipper, divemaster, wildlife photographer and conservationist. He is recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on great white sharks and their behavior. Chris grew up in a game reserve and came in early contact with wild animals. He started a tag and release programme for sharks and rays back in 1989. Chris has undertaken over 1300 white shark expeditions and is perhaps most famous for his work known as "Air Jaws". Chris now runs Apex Shark Expetitions together with his wife Monique.
Dr. Juerg Brunnschweiler External Adviser        juerg@gluecklich.net
Juerg is a marine zoologist interested in the behaviour and ecology of free-ranging sharks with emphasis on whale and bull sharks. He is also interested in shark diving tourism and marine protected area design and how small-scale conservation projects can be successfully implemented in developing countries. Juerg initiated the Bull Shark Tagging Programme in 2003 in the Bahamas. Today, he studies bull sharks in the Shark Reef Marine Reserve in Fiji and collaborates with other researchers on a number of bull shark projects around the globe.
Cristina Zenato                  Exernal Adviser              cristina@unexso.com

Cristina started diving in 1994, and decided to make the Bahamas her home, diving her life. Through the years she has developed a major passion for Ocean conservation. Sharks and caves are part of her daily work and she uses them to address important issues about fisheries management, water conservation and garbage disposal. When not diving for work she volunteers time to explore and map cave systems to provide vital information to extend their protection and conservation. Further more she is currently working on the creation of marine parks. Her work includes countless work in film, TV and nonprofit videos to extend the knowledge about sharks and the need for conservation laws. Most recently her initiative to create a petition to protect sharks in the Bahamas became a law and the Bahamian government protects sharks in all of its territories. Cristina has direct impact through the education of local school children who take part in a three years program to learn scuba diving and understand the delicate balance between their land and their lives. In March 2011 Cristina was inducted in the "Women Divers Hall of Fame". Her major belief is in the power of education as the tool to provide a future for this wonderful water planet.