The first shark roamed the ocean for 450 million years ago, that’s 250 million years before the earliest dinosaurs. A gracious creature, formed to perfection by years of evolution. The shark has survived the earth’s five massextinctions. Will it survive this one?

The last decade’s intensity of shark fishing has lead to a dramatic decline for the world’s shark populations - some species is thought to have a decline by up to 90%. 70 – 100 million sharks are being fished every year, often just targeted for their fins. The shark fisheries have made sharks the highest threatened group of fish in the ocean.

To help protect the oceans apex predators national and international laws are needed.

We aim to ensure:

  • Shark fins imported must have full and complete data regarding species – making sure no threatened species enter the Norwegian market.
  • Shark fins imported must have verifiable and robust data to show method and precise location, date and time of capture.
  • Data for the above to be independently verifiable and robust under scrutiny.
Join us – Save the Sharks of the Sea
(Nowegian based only)